R-Evolution Living Blast Defense has been many years in the making. Stemming from it’s parent company R-Evolution Living, Inc., Blast Defense is designed with protecting lives from man-made disasters.

Every year companies reiterate their challenges for a safer work environment and their desire to provide one, yet every year news stories, articles and reports depicting unfortunate happenstances are brought to our attention. Injuries incurred, lives lost, suits pending, etc. happen with unfortunate regularity. In specific fields, large risks go hand in hand with the nature of the business. Chemical, petroleum, mining, agriculture, fertilizer and many others companies have to face the possibility of a blast, meltdown or eruption everyday. Many measures are in place to prevent them of course, but year after year there are too many examples that illustrate the failure of these systems.

While the intention for providing a safer work place exists, the effective options are scant. They may address some of the issues, but either leave some unaddressed or create other issues less severe but still undesired.

To learn about a much safer alternative, browse this site. We welcome your thoughts and are open to direct contact for a conversation about your specific areas of concern.


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